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We provide a full range of services that form a Service Lifecycle. This collection of processes has been successfully applied to creating brands, products and programmes in a range of sectors and can be tailored to any specific requirements.

Each area on the Service Lifecycle is expanded upon below. Whether it’s one area, a bespoke package or a full delivery from beginning to end, we can help you achieve your goals as if you had a big expert agency supporting you.

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Project Management

This service underpins the whole lifecycle with our expert knowledge and an individually tailored plan to help you produce a professional product.

Project Management allows your own staff to continue to be involved with the development of the product, plus we maximise on your staff’s expertise in their field, whilst bringing our own experience in rolling out products on a National scale.

Where relevant we can assist with training opportunities and marketing solutions.

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Product Analysis

This service is a great starting point for people who believe their product has potential, but aren’t sure what needs to be done to ‘get it out there’.  Our Product Analysis service is a very personal experience where you get to share with us your passion for your product. We will give you an honest appraisal of your product and will help to highlight potential problems that will need overcoming and what the risks might be.

We will give you a summary report and offer you an individually tailored package for if you want to continue working with us.  This service acts as an initial consultation, helping you to decide whether further investment of your time and money into your product is right for you.

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Show your passion to a wider audience

Product Development

Our Product Development service helps you to really understand what your product is and to build the foundations of your products’ principles and values. Through our brand audits, you get to explore your vision for the future and what motivates you. This service brings clarity to what your product is and who it is for and we assist you in being able to effectively communicate this. We take an ‘end user’ approach and will always be challenging you to consider the users’ benefits when finalising content.

We specialise in simplicity, creating products that are easy to lead/easy to use. We assist you in setting up pilots to properly test your product before rolling it out. This process helps to bring your products content to a professional level and builds consistency. Through using our Product Development service you get to understand what your key principles and values are, the core aims and what makes your product unique. This in turn helps when marketing your product and, where relevant, in building a sustainable training programme.

Our customers have found this service extremely helpful in better understanding their products place in the market and supporting ideas for how they can further improve it, expand it and expand the potential market. The Product Development service works well alongside our Branding and Positioning service (although it is not essential to use both these services together).

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Branding and Positioning

Our Branding and Positioning service helps to identify and create a strong brand relevant to the market and the core values of the product. We help by developing logos, establishing brand colours, definition and tag lines.

We work alongside our clients to ensure that the principles and values of the product are being communicated effectively. We can carry out brand audits with various stakeholders to support this.

This can be further developed over time by creating additional resources in line with the brand.

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Feel stuck? Let us help you to move forward

Product Design

Through our Product Design service we support our clients by developing the assets that will give the product a professional finish.

Our designers will transfer the content into professional programmes and where necessary create original images unique to the programme, all the time working to build a strong and appropriate brand.

We will show particular attention to detail, creating a truly professional end product.

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Printing and Production

Our clients often have busy lives and although they have sacrificed a lot of time in creating their product, they don’t always have the time to manage the printing and production of materials.

Through our Printing & Production service we can support our clients by taking care of this on their behalf, liaising with printers and getting the best deal for our clients.

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Networking, Sales and Marketing

We can offer networking solutions and discuss relevant opportunities for getting the product talked about. Our service can help investigate events that are available in the relevant sector and we discuss with our clients whether Simplicate should represent the product at networking opportunities or whether the client is able to do this, sometimes the best solution is a combination of both.

We can support our clients in establishing a pricing structure for their product – this may involve creating equations to determine the products prices. Some clients like us to put together projection tables to see profit margins. This can also involve a staged roll out plan that helps to manage supply and demand and minimise risk.

This service also supports our clients in looking at the most suitable marketing strategy for their product, working out an individual package to suit their needs and their capacity.

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Online Management

One of the keys to successful product development will almost certainly involve marketing technology. Our comprehensive Online Management service will ensure you have the right tools, channels and touchpoints to attract the perfect customers to purchase and use your product.

We can assist you in a wide range of strategies; websites, content management systems, responsive and mobile design, ecommerce and merchant services, hosting and domains, downloadable products, app development, social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, email marketing, etc.

Tailoring solutions to make your product a success, we probably have the knowhow to help you.

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Experienced in publishing books, music, video & online

Storage and Distribution

We appreciate that it isn’t always possible for our clients to manage the storing and distribution of their product.

If this is the case, we can assist in this essential aspect of selling products by taking care of this on our client’s behalf.

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Training and Programmes

A good programme needs good training to ensure the quality of the product isn’t compromised. We specialise in creating quality training programmes alongside the programme developer. This may be creating short workshops, right through to comprehensive staged training programmes. We look at the most resourceful and productive ways to develop this training and help to create the necessary resources to support the training you want to offer.

We look at the most engaging training you can offer in a multi-faceted way and how you can evaluate the effectiveness of the training. We also help create ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes, so that when your product demand expands, you can ensure other people are delivering training to the standards you’re passionate about.

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From concept to reality ... whether physical, digital or 'edible' products

Endorsement and Accreditation

Some products are more effective if they can go through an accreditation process or receive an endorsement. We support our clients in making the right connections with the right bodies. This may be linking up with a Higher Education Institute to go through a formal process of collecting evidence and measuring outcomes.

Alternatively, it may be supporting our clients in getting to the right organisation that is offering grants to support this process. Other scenarios would include supporting our clients in getting their product recognised and put forward for industry awards or association with other bodies.

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Royalty Management

For those clients that don’t want to get too involved in the money side of their product development (except for the profit, that is), we can provide a Royalty Management service.

We can handle sales transactions, administration of online accounts, advice on pricing, hourly rates and access to third-party accounting services.

We were once in your position so we know how important it is to have someone knowledgeable within reach.

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Review and Refining

We offer a review and refining service to help you reflect on the product and brand that you’ve created. Sometimes there is a need to refine parts of the product after some time or for use in different areas.

We also help you to consider staying on track with your professions developments and legislation. We can help you to consider areas of expansion or further product development.

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